Josefina sensada boixader

Josefina(Fina )Sensada i Boixader, born and living in Catalonia, filmmaker, documentalist and teacher. Fernando’s life partner and cooperation partner.

The love, admiration and desire that the work of Dr. Fonseca continue alive, is what has led her to promote the creation of this foundation with conviction, commitment and coherence to continue fighting for a more just world and follow the path of cooperation that together began 18 years ago “hands that heal, eyes that look”.

Uniting science and art to achieve a magical and unique Foundation, Medicine and Cinema.

Her enthusiastic commitment, organizational capacity, rationality, perseverance and common sense have made this first impulse of creation possible.
Working intensely for 6 years to germinate the seed that Fernando left her, her inheritance, and to bring out this flower right at this moment so full of contradictions and global health problems.

Finding a team of universal people, sensitive, cultured, fighters, brave, creative and very human like Fernando was to move on to the acting phase.