Djilouba Beninga


Dr. Djilouba Beninga from the Republic of Chad, currently works and lives in Senegal.

He graduated from the Faculty of Health Sciences in Ndjamena. He continued his studies in Senegal and obtained his diploma in specialized studies in orthopedic and trauma surgery and a master’s degree in morphological and clinical anatomy at Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar (2010-2015).

It was during his first year of studies, in 2005, that he participated in a humanitarian mission in Moundou, in southern Chad, directed by Dr. Fonseca ,  who would become his mentor. At his side, he did his first operating room practice, helping Chanceline perform her first intervention.

In 2018, he became involved in collaboration with Miraclefeet and the DAHW in the treatment of equine clubfoot by the Ponseti method at the national hospital of Touba / Senegal.

He is the  of cooperation’s  responsible of the Foundation in Africa.