Diego Chacaltana Magret


Diego Chacaltana Magret, born in Peru, and resident in Catalonia. He trained in Scenic Communication in Lima. In 2007 he began to work in Catalonia in the medical sector as a representative of Surgical Implants where he met Dr. Fonseca who opened the way for him to learn about the different real medical-surgical needs in the various pathologies in Traumatology and at the same time taught him and transmits the importance of the Humanitarian Surgical Action to the Third World, where it actively participates in the search and acquisition of surgical materials and consumables for the surgical Expeditions in Chad.

After years collaborating with Dr. Fonseca in his private and humanitarian medical activity and knowing his philosophy and work ethic, Diego is the right person to take charge of the search for all collaborations such as medical contacts and financial resources, performances and design of projects in the department of medicine.