Mª Assumpció Fàbregas Anglada


Assum Fàbregas y Anglada born and living in Catalonia, after 22 years working in the public administration and as a result of an intense internal revolution, creates the naturist center “En key of light” in Arenys de Mar. Exercise as therapist and trainer of floral therapies to accompany people in processes of change and who wish to delve into the investigation of human nature. Complementing her facet as a painter and jewelry designer.

Their solidary trajectory has been for many years giving financial support to the humanitarian expeditions of Dr. Fonseca and collaborating in different audiovisual projects related to awareness. Fina’s partner and friend for 20 years. She has been helping in these 6 years to shape the creation of the Foundation. For her, being part of F. F. F. is a way of living sharing the value of friendship.

Asum is in the social and organizational part.