Jordi Torrent



Jordi Torrent, born in Catalonia and currently residing in New York. Film Director and Producer. He created the audiovisual production company Duende Pictures in New York in 1989.
He has collaborated as producer or CAPD and production in feature films for, among other directors, Raul Ruiz, Isabel Coixet and Joe Brewater. As a screenwriter-director, his feature films have been presented at festivals around the world and commercially distributed in the USA and Spain. He has been recognized as best director at the Milano International Film Festival and winner of the Tokyo Film festival award. Over the years he has combined creativity in the audiovisual world with intense educational work in the media. He has been a media literacy consultant to the New York City Department of Education (1990-2007) and to the United Nations (2007-2019) To the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), he created several education initiatives in media and computer literacy. Among them PLURAL +, an annual festival of short films made by young people on migration and the prevention of xenophobia, and PEACEapp, a series of digital literacy workshops where video game design is an opportunity for the development of interculturality and the empowerment of the participants, young people from host countries collaborating together with young refugees and recent migrants.
Also at UNAOC, he promoted several Media Literacy initiatives from workshops for educators (Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia), to multi-lingual publications and, in collaboration with UNESCO, the creation of a global network of university cooperation around Media Literacy. and educommunication.
He coincided with Fina Sensada in directing her film “El este de la Brújula” in 2000. In 2011 he met Dr. Fonseca on the set of the film that he co-produced in Venice, “La Redención de fish”. The film was selected for the Venice Film Festival in 2013 where he celebrated it together with Dr. Fonseca, his last trip. Jordi will be the executive producer of the film “Fernando y Ali”